For University Staff (from Turku and Tartu)
Accommodation costs € 35 per day. This includes breakfast and the opportunity to use the sauna (1 h/reservation).

The breakfast charge for other visitors is € 8; the fee for the sauna is € 8 and includes use of a towel.

Meetings held in the house cost € 20 (for a maximum of 10 people/4 hours). Other events such as receptions, dinners or larger meetings can be arranged. The price will depend on the time and duration of the event as well as on the number of people attending.

Meetings and other events can be catered by local catering services. The caretaker will assist in the organization of the events and will provide contact details for catering services. Payment will be made to the company providing the service.

Accommodation and room rent for events will usually be billed once a month, at the beginning of the month following the stay. The bill can be sent either to the department (in which case a billing number is required) or to your home address.

During recent years, many successful researchers' and teachers' meetings have been held in the unique environment offered by the Granö Centre.