Faculty of Humanities

There are more than 30 subjects represented in the Faculty, which can be grouped under the study of languages, history, arts, and culture. There are over 5,000 students enrolled in the humanities, making it the largest faculty at the University of Turku. The Faculty of Humanities is one of the largest in Finland both in the number of students and in the number of subjects.

The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Turku is a significant international research, educational and cultural community. The economic and cultural welfare of the city and the surrounding regions is also closely tied to the research and teaching carried out in the faculty.

Teaching in the Faculty's departments is closely tied to research. Some of the Faculty's special research areas include the Baltic Sea region, the languages and cultures of the Finnish and Finno-Ugric peoples, cultural interaction, linguistic communication, modernism in various fields of art, and the historical development and present state of social conditions in Finland. The history teaching in the Faculty has been twice selected as a national centre of excellence.​​​​




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