Funding Tips and Other Practical Issues

Funding tips for postgraduate students and researchers 

  • The University of Turku does not charge degree students for tuition fees, but on the other hand no financial assistance is offered by the university, either. Therefore the students are expected to provide for themselves independently during their studies.
  • The Doctoral Programmes of the Faculty offer yearly salaried doctoral candidate positions. For more information, please see the sites of JUNO and UTULING.
  • For more info about scholarships, please go to pages of the Centre for International Mobility, CIMO.
  • Typically postgraduate studies and research projects are financed with grants from private funds. Please go to the Aurora Database for instructions about applying.
  • Postdoctoral researchers may also apply for funding from the Academy of Finland.
  • For more info about research funding options, please see also the pages of the Turku University Foundation.
  • Please go to the pages of UTUGS for further information about funding.

Other useful advise for foreign researchers


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