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The Editorial Board invites proposals for monographs and edited volumes situated at the intersection of disciplinary boundaries, introducing fresh connections between established fields of study. It particularly welcomes research combining or juxtaposing different kinds of primary sources (textual, visual, aural, material) and developing new methodological solutions to deal with problems presented by them. We encourage themes and approaches that include, but are not limited to, identity formation in medieval/early modern communities, and an approach to texts and other cultural products as a communicative process comprising shared symbols and meanings. 

Geographical and chronological scope of the series: Europe, including the Nordic countries and Eastern Europe; the medieval and the early modern periods from late antiquity until the end of the eighteenth century.

Series keywords: identity formation, communicative processes, interdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity, innovative approaches to primary sources, medieval and early modern communities.

Primary language: English.

All manuscripts submitted to the publication will be peer-reviewed by at least two referees. The publishing process will be supported by Editorial and Advisory Boards with expertise representing the relevant fields.

The Editorial Board of Crossing Boundaries looks forward to receiving your proposal! Please use the proposal form to be found on this web page, and send it by e-mail to tucemems-editorialboard[at]​ 

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More information about the publication process in Crossing Boundaries series: 

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