Grants for members
TUCEMEMS awards grants for its members for special projects and for travels abroad. Grants can be awarded to researchers affiliated with TUCEMEMS (members) and the university of Turku (contract of employment or postgraduate studies within the university). There is no limit to the sum one applicant can have, but we give preference to grants of moderate size​.  One applicant can also have more than one grant per year. In special circumstances grants can be awarded to domestic travels (Finland). From the beginning of the year 2015, we no more pay daily allowances to travellers.

The Centre can pay a maximum 50 % prepayment of the estimated travel costs. Prepayment is possible only to the employees of the university. The rest of the costs will be paid after the travel and the travel bill and -report are accepted. 

Decisions on travel grants will be made in the middle of March in the meeting of the TUCEMEMS board.

The applicant should use the form 'travel request', which can be found in the lomakepankki​.

In addition to to the form,  the applicant must present also a written travel plan, containing the details of the trip and its rationale. The travel plan should include the purpose of the travel. E.g. for a conference trip, there must be a mention of the organizer and programme of the conference, and of the role of the applicant in the conference programme. For a research trip to an archive or library, the applicant must present how the trip is related to his or her ongoing research. In this case, the applicant should attach a research plan of his or her research project to the travel plan. 

There must be attached a budget of the expected travel expenses to the travel plan. If the travel is part of the applicants post-graduate studies or dissertation project, there must be included a reference from the supervisor of the research.

The application should be sent to the research assistant of TUCEMEMS, via email:, or via mail to Miika Norro/TUCEMEMS, Cultural history, 20014, Turun yliopisto.

Here are the special terms of the grant:

1. TUCEMEMS as affiliation and sponsor
The recipient of the travel-grant should mention TUCEMEMS as his or her second affiliation beside his or her discipline etc. If PowerPoint is used in the presentation, the slideshow should be made on the Ppt-template of TUCEMEMS, which can be asked from the research assistant of the Centre. In case the project or conference results in a publication, a copy of the publication should be delivered to the library of TUCEMEMS at the address TUCEMEMS, Cultural history, 20014 University of Turku.

2. Travel bill and –report
The recipient of the travel-grant should deliver immediately, or at maximum 30 days after the travel has ended, a travel bill form (Matkalasku), if employed by the university of Turku, or, if not employed by the university, an Award of Financial Grant , ARe-form (Apurahan maksupäätös), to the Centre, filled with the personal information of the claimant. With the Award of Financial Grant –form ARe, the applicant should send an itemization of travel expenses. Both forms, the Travel bill (Matkalasku 2014) and the Award of Financial Grant ARe (Apurahan maksupäätös), can be found in theLomakepankki of the Intranet:

With the form, the applicant should send also the receipts and a travel report (of circa two sheets). A written travel report is a sine qua non condition to the full reimbursement of travel costs. The report should explain the offerings of the journey ( conference, postgraduate course, archival research) with relation to the research project mentioned in the travel application form. A summary of the report, of approximately one hundred words in English, should be sent to the Centre, for it to be published in the Annual report of TUCEMEMS. The summary should contain the following information of the trip: its theme or purpose, the destination and date of the journey and a summary of its offerings.

The travel report and its summary should be sent as appendixes of the travel bill to the research assistant of TUCEMEMS, Miika Norro, via mail to the address Miika Norro/ TUCEMEMS/ Cultural History/ 20014,University of Turku, or dispatched directly to his office in room 308, Historicum 2 nd floor, (Kaivokatu 12 Turku).