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Thursday, April 3

Registration at Tehdasteatteri (starting at 17.15)

Welcoming words by Satu Lidman (University of Turku) 

What Happens Between the Covers: Writing Premodern Desire for Audiences Beyond Academia. A presentation by Lois Leveen (Portland, Oregon)

Discussion on the possibilities of interpreting history of sexuality by means of scholarly methods and fiction. Discussion chaired by Tom Linkinen (University of Turku)

John – Eleanor. A puppet theatre piece for adults based on London court records from 1394, performed by Timo Väntsi and Tom Linkinen. Additional information  



Between Sexuality, Sin and Crime

Colloquium venue: Keynotes in Auditorium Janus in Artium and sessions in seminar rooms in Minerva; Sirkkala campus, Kaivokatu 12, University of Turku 

Friday, April 4

8.30  Registration in the main hall of Artium
9.00  Welcoming words by Marjo Kaartinen (TUCEMEMS, Universityof Turku)

9.00-10.30  Jonas Liliequist (Umeå University)
Between Passion and Lust – Framing Desire in Early Modern  Sweden
Chaired by Marjo Kaartinen

10.30–11.00  Coffee

11.00–13.00  Sessions I

13.00–14.30  Lunch

14.30–16.30  Sessions II

16.30–17.00  Coffee

17.30–18.30  Faramerz Dabhoiwala (University of Oxford) 
The First Sexual Revolution 
Chaired by Marjo Kaartinen

20.00  Conference dinner
Venue: Aula Café, Itäinen Rantakatu 4–6, Turku

Saturday, April 5

8.30  Registration in the main hall of Artium  

9.00  Welcoming words by Kirsi Salonen (University of Turku)
9.00–10.30  Dror Zeevi (Ben-Gurion University of Negev)

Sex Could Change, Gender Should Not: Bodies in the Sixteenth-Century Middle East
Chaired by Kirsi Salonen

10.30–11.00  Coffee

11.00–13.00  Sessions III

13.00–14.30  Lunch

14.30–16.30  Sessions IV

16.30–17.00  Coffee

17.00–18.30  Garthine Walker (Cardiff University)
Rape, Culpability and Desire
Chaired by Kirsi Salonen

18.30–19.00  Closing of the colloquium by Satu Lidman  

SESSIONS I. Friday, April 4: 11.00–13.00

A. From Clerical Marriages to Polygamy: Shaping and Reshaping Spaces of Sin, Sexuality and Shame in Reformation Germany
Venue: Seminar room Jäntere (E121), Minerva
Chair: Stefan Schröder (University of Helsinki)
Sini Mikkola (University of Helsinki): Between Bedchamber and Public Shame – Martin Luther on Sexual Norm-Breaking
 Päivi Räisänen-Schröder (University of Helsinki): Horror and Fascination:  Contemporary Tales of Sexuality, Sin and Crime in Anabaptist Münster, 1534/35
B. Women's Control and Agency
Venue: Seminar room Juva (E119), Minerva
Chair: Meri Heinonen (University of Turku)
Rose-Marie Peake (University of Helsinki): Bad Women, Good Women – And One  Illustrious Man: the Role of Saint Vincent de Paul in the Policing of Female Sexuality  in Seventeenth-Century France 
Sari Katajala-Peltomaa (University of Tampere): "Bellial, veni veni ad me!" Diabolical  Love in Late Medieval Hagiography
C. Love and Desire
Venue: Seminar room Litzen (E117), Minerva
Chair: Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen (University of Turku)
Hanna Kietäväinen-Sirén (University of Jyväskylä): Burning Desire and Marital Duty –  Popular Views on Sexual Love in Early Modern Finnish Countryside
Johanna Vernqvist (University of Linköping): Negotiations of Desire and Sexuality in  Novella 47 in the Heptaméron
Kendra Willson (University of Helsinki): Negotiating Illegal Love Poetry in Icelandic  Sagas
Carin Franzén (University of Linköping): Love and Desire in the French Moralist  Discourse

SESSIONS II. Friday, April 4: 14.30–16.30

A. Body, Soul and Sin: Narrating, Performing and Negotiating Sexuality in Premodern Ego-Documents
Venue: Seminar room Jäntere (E121), Minerva
Chair: Sini Mikkola (University of Helsinki)
Päivi Salmesvuori (University of Helsinki): Performing Sin: What Can Be Known  About Confessions?
Stefan Schröder (University of Helsinki): Experienced, Imagined and Narrated Desires in Holy Land Travelogues
Mareike Böth (University of Kassel): Narrating Desires and Desiring Narration in the Letters of Elisabeth Charlotte, Princess of the Palatinate and Duchess of Orléans (1652–1722)
B. Beasts and Incest
Venue: Seminar room Juva (E119), Minerva
Chair: Jonas Liliequist (University of Umeå)
Jose Caceres Mardones (University of Zurich): He Must Have Seen, Heard or Learnt Such Beastly Nature From Somebody...: Bestiality in Reformed Zurich during the 17th Century
Ken Ird (University of Tartu): Absence and Presence: Bestiality in the Early Modern Livonian Society
Bonnie Clementsson (University of Lund): Consensual Incestuous Relations in Premodern Sweden
C. Sexuality and Devotion
Venue: Seminar room Litzen (E117), Minerva
Chair: Sari Katajala-Peltomaa (University of Tampere)
Ben Ambler (Arizona State University): Same-Soul Sexuality between Medieval Religious: Peter of Dacia and Christina of Sommeln
Meri Heinonen (University of Turku): Friedrich Sunder and Mystical Eroticism
Andrea Pearson (American University, Washington DC): It's In His Kiss: Holiness and Homoeroticism in Early Netherlandish Art
Arianna Strusi (Torino University): To be One with God: A Bodily Participation to God's Transcendence

SESSIONS III. Saturday, April 5: 11.00–13.00

A. Law and Justice
Venue: Seminar room Jäntere (E121), Minerva
Chair: Faramerz Dabhoiwala (University of Oxford)
Thomas Parry-Jones (University of Cambridge): Sex and Impulses Toward Sin: What is  Natural in Medieval Roman Law
Paolo Angelini (KU Leuven): The Repression of Sexual Crimes in Byzantine Law and its Reception Among Slav Populations
Marianna Muravyeva (Oxford Brookes University): "The woman with two sets of genitals": Hermaphrodites, Crime and Attitudes to Deviancy in 18th-Century Russia
Mia Korpiola (University of Helsinki): Policing Sexual Crime in the Church Courts of Reformation Sweden, 1590–1610
B. (Pre/extra)marital Control
Venue: Seminar room Juva (E119), Minerva
Chair: Garthine Walker (Cardiff University)
Merili Metsvahi (University of Tartu): The Sexual Habits of Estonians in the Descriptions of the 16th–18th-Century authors
Mari Välimäki (University of Turku): Young Men, Marriage and the Community in Seventeenth-Century Turku, Finland
Tomasz Wislicz (Polish Academy of Sciences): Dialectics of Virginity: Controlling the Morals of the Youth in the Early Modern Polish Countryside
Sofia Gustafsson (University of Helsinki): Shades of Helsinkian Lechery in the 1750's
C. Illicit Dreams and Desires
Venue: Seminar room Litzen (E117), Minerva
Chair: Anu Korhonen (University of Helsinki)
Juliette Lancel (EHESS, Paris): The Dream and the Sin: Erotic Dream in the France of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Tom Linkinen (University of Turku): Frames of Possibilities of Medieval Same-Sex Sexual Arousal in Reading Apocalyptic Poetry
Kaye McLelland (University College London): "A Grisly Passage": Gender, Desire, and the Disabled Renaissance Body
Janne Skaffari (University of Turku): To Have Sexual Intercourse with (Somebody): A Lexical Journey in Late Medieval England

SESSIONS IV: Saturday, April 5: 14.30–16.30

A. Elite and Popular
Venue: Seminar room Jäntere (E121), Minerva
Chair: Marjo Kaartinen (University of Turku)
Gerhard Fritz (University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd): A Nobleman Talks about Sexuality: The Chronicle of the Counts of Zimmern (16th Century)
Tim Reinke-Williams (University of Northampton): Attitudes to Ejaculation in Early Modern England
B. Writing Sin and Desires
Venue: Seminar room Juva (E119), Minerva
Chair: Mari Välimäki (University of Turku)
Karen Hollewand (University of Oxford): The Early Works of Hadriaan Beverland (1650–1716): The Ideas of a Scholarly Libertine on Sexual Lust and Original Sin
Kathleen Smith: Sin in Intention: The Bifurcation of Desire and Will in Medieval English Pastoral Manuals
Marita von Weissenberg (Xavier University): Chastity as Gendering Male Identity in Biographies of Late Medieval Saints
Liv Helene Willumsen (University of Tromsø): Crimes Related to Immorality in the Seventeenth-Century Finnmark, Northern Norway
C. Desire Beyond Sex: Lust, Longing, and Debauchery in the History of Sensuality
Venue: Seminar room Litzen (E117), Minerva
Chair: Dror Zeevi (Ben-Gurion University of Negev)
Farid Azfar (Swarthmore College): Strange Flows: Love in the Time of the Indus
Lisa Jane Graham (Haverford College): Debauchery, Desire, and Discipline in Eighteenth-Century France
Bethel Saler (Haverford College): Exiled "from his dearest connections": The Longing  of U.S. Consults in North Africa