The Long Nordic Reformation

Date: 8-9 December 2015

Venue: Cal3, Calonia, University of Turku, address: Caloniankuja 3, Turku

In 2017 it will be 500 years since the Augustinian friar Martin Luther published his 95 theses against the sale of indulgences. The “Thesenanschlag”, which supposedly took place on 31 October 1517 in Wittenberg, marks the official starting point of the Lutheran Reformation.

The Reformation in the Nordic Countries was a result of the Lutheran Reformation but it had different consequences, timetable and means in different countries. The aim of this workshop is to gather together scholars interested in the Nordic Reformation and discuss the Nordic Reformation(s) in a larger perspective, both geographically and chronologically: When did the Nordic Reformation(s) actually begin and why?; How did the Nordic Reformation(s) differ from the Reformation in Germany or Baltic countries?; When did the Nordic Reformation(s) end?

The workshop begins with a general session about Nordic Reformation(s) and continues with discussions about the continuum of the Reformation(s) in the Nordic countries. The second day of the workshops concentrates in two core issues during the Reformation: What happened to the cult of saints and its material representations during the Reformation and what was the fate of monasteries and members of monastic orders.

The workshop consists of papers of 30 minutes followed by a discussion of 15 minutes.​


         Programme in PDF​​​


Tuesday 8 Dec 2015

12 - 12.15  Opening

12.15 - 13 Session I: The Nordic Reformations

                    Otfried Czaika: Reformation in Denmark/Norway

13 - 13.15  Fruit & coffee break

13.15 - 15  Martin Bernstron: Reformation in Sweden

                    Simo Heininen: Reformation in Finland

15 - 15.30   Coffee (Kritiikki ry)

15.30 - 17.30 Session II: Nordic Counter-Reformation(s)

                     Raisa Toivo: Catholic Reformation in Lutheran Finland

                     Anu Lahtinen: Representatives of Pope in Sweden

Wednesday 9 Dec 2015

9 - 11          Session III: Saints, Pictures and Reformation

                     Martin Wangsgaard Jürgensen: Rejuvenated 

                     Martyrs: Sacrifice, Sanctity and Lutheranism

                     Elina Räsänen: ​Iconoclash in Finland. Transformations of the 

                     Catholic Objects

11 - 12.30  Lunch (Macciavelli)

12.30 - 14  Session IV: Monasteries and Reformatio

                     Kirsi Salonen: Escaping from Scandinavian Monasteries 

                      in Early 16th Century. A Sign of Pre-Reformation against 

                      the Church?

                     Johnny G.G. Jakobsen: Dominicans and the Nordic Reformation

14 - 14.15    Fruit & coffee break

14.15 - 15    Marko Lamberg: Relationships between the Religious 

                      Houses and the Lay Community in Stockholm, c. 1475 - 1540.

15 - 16         Concluding Discussion

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