TUCEMEMS Project: The 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation in 2017
In 2017, the Turku Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies will participate in the commemoration of the Reformation by organizing diverse scholarly and artistic happenings concerning the long  history of the Lutheran Reformation and other reformatory movements.

The TUCEMEMS Reformation project studies the Reformation broadly as a cultural and social shift, encompassing the change in material culture. We examine the Reformation in a long chronological perspective, from the reformatory movements of the late Middle Ages to the end of the eighteenth century. Even though the traditional view of the Reformation describes it as a quick and sudden break, we consider the Reformation as a long process, involving back and forth movements, and contradictory forces and objectives, as in the case of the Counter-Reformations.
We examine the Reformation geographically in a broad area, focusing in the Northern Europe and our own local area, the region of Turku, where the reformation in Finland started and had its focus.

Our partners in different projects are among others:
- The Åbo Akademi University
- The University of Helsinki
- The Sibelius Academy
- The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, and the Armoa 2017-project 
- Turku Cathedral Congregation
- City of Turku
- The Museum Centre of Turku
- The Mixed reality –project of the University of Turku
- European City of the Reformation –network
-       Turku Historical Association (Turun Historiallinen Yhdistys)

For further information, please contact Kirsi Salonen, kirsi.l.salonen(at), or by phone +3582 333 6725.