Master's Degree Programmes and Pathways

Our International Master’s Degree Programmes

In order to complete a Master’s Degree Programme, students must obtain 120 ECTS credits as defined in the curriculum of the Programme. The entire content of the degree is offered by the Programme. It usually takes two academic years (academic year is September – May) to complete a Master’s degree. 
The basic prerequisite for all the Master's Programmes is a university degree equivalent to a Finnish Bachelor’s degree completed in the relevant field. For the programmes offered in English a good knowledge of English is required. The Master’s Programme in Finnish and other Finno-Ugric Languages requires a good knowledge of Finnish. For more information on the programmes and their requirements, please refer to the web pages of the programmes.

Our International Master's Degree Pathway

The Pathway can be compared to the advanced studies of a major subject, as its scope is 80 ECTS credits. In addition to the Pathway studies, the student needs to complete minor study modules or other studies to earn the total of 120 ECTS credits to complete the Master's Degree. The advantage of the Pathway studies is that the studies are offered in English, and courses are available from several different departments.


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