JOO – Flexible Study Rights

Application for the JOO Study Right​s

  • In order to obtain the flexible study right, the student must fill in the online form at the Joopas Application System​.
  • If the applicant's home university is not included in the system, the application may also be submitted in paper to the Faculty office.
  • The paper applications must also include a recommendation from the home university for the applicant's prospective JOO studies.
  • The application may be made year-round. However, the applicants should take note that if they apply for a study right in a module that requires passing an entrance exam, the JOO application must be submitted no later than two weeks before the exam to the department office in question.
  • Also the students at the Åbo Akademi University have to fill in the online JOO application, if they wish to complete studies at the University of Turku.

Entrance exam and the JOO Study Rights

  • If the student in-take of a subject has a fixed number, the applicants will be chosen through an entrance exam or some other criteria given by the department in question.
  • Normally the participation to an entrance exam also requires a separate registration. Please contact department office in question for more info.
  • The JOO study right at the Faculty is granted on the same criteria as a minor study right is granted to our own degree students.
  • The study right may be granted solely on the basis of the JOO application to open minor subjects.
  • If the applicant has previously completed studies of the subject in an other university, the department may relieve the applicant of the minor entrance exam.
  • Also, please notice that the number of accepted student may have to be limited to meet the room and teaching resources. 

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