Supplementing a previous degree with non-degree studies

Non-degree studies for UTU graduates

After completing the MA degree at the University of Turku (or BA degree, if you only have the study right for the lower university degree), you may continue your studies for three (3) academic years after the graduation. These studies are free of charge. Once three years have passed from your graduation, you may continue your non-degree studies for payment at the University of Turku (see below for more info), or transfer to the Open University.
UTU graduates register for the free of charge non-degree studies at the Student Admission Services.

The non-degree studies can be compared to minor studies, and the study plan should be made together with a representative of the department in question.  The study right at different subjects is obtained by the same criteria, which apply to the minor students of the Faculty. This may include an entrance exam.

More information about the studies is available at the pages of the Student Admission Services.

Non-degree studies for all other applicants

Who can apply for this type of non-degree study right?

The non-degree studies are aimed mainly to those, who have a degree and want to supplement it, as well as to those who need to complete established studies to increase professional competence regardless of their background studies.
The non-degree studies are not targeted to high school graduates, who have not been admitted to higher education. Neither are they targeted to people, who wish to study a subject as a hobby, but do not need the studies to enhance professional competences. Anyone interested in university studies as self-improvement should primarily explore the curricula of the Open University and adult education centres.
As the teaching, rooms and staff resources are limited, the Faculty has reserved the right to decline the right to non-degree studies, even if the applicant does pass the minor entrance exam of the desired subject. The applicants should also take note that many departments expect the students to participate to teaching during the daytime, and it is not always possible to complete the studies independently. Non-degree studies never result in a degree, but the non-degree students participate to the teaching and complete courses in the same manner as the degree students.
NB! The non-degree applicants may only participate in the minor entrance exam. Please always check the times of the minor exam in the Admission Guide.

Admission to non-degree studies

  • To obtain the study right for non-degree studies, the applicant must submit the appropriate application form to the Faculty office.
  • The application process continues year-round. However, if the subject in question requires a participation to an entrance exam, the application must be submitted at least two weeks before the minor entrance exam.
  • Normally the participation to an entrance exam also requires a separate registration. Please contact department office in question for more info.
  • The study right may be granted solely on the basis of the application only to open minor subjects.
  • If the number of student in-take of a subject is fixed, the applicants will be chosen through an entrance exam or some other criteria given by the department in question. 
  • The department may relieve the applicant of the minor entrance exam, if the applicant has previously completed studies of the subject in an other university.  
  • If the applicant's basic studies module has been completed in another university or at the Open University, or if a long time has passed since the completion of the module, it is possible that the department may require the applicant to participate in the entrance exam even when applying to the intermediate studies' module.  
The non-degree study right is normally granted for one study module at a time.

The non-degree study fees

  • 1 study point (=ECTS) 15 EUR
  • basic studies module 250 EUR
  • intermediate studies module 350 EUR
  • advanced study module 500 EUR
  • one year extension of study right 50 EUR

These study fees are regulated by the decree on the Service Fees Collected by Universities (1082/2009). The fees cannot be paid at the Faculty office, instead the non-degree student will receive an invoice from the university.

Discharge of study fees

The non-degree study right applicant may be absolved of the study fees, if he has an MA degree including or followed by teacher training, as well as completed basic studies of the subject that he wishes to study as a non-degree student.
In case the applicant is seeking study right to advanced studies, he is absolved of the study fees, if the criteria above is met and the applicant has completed the basic and intermediate studies of the subject in question.
The study fees regarding teachers' pedagogical studies and study modules in disciplines that are school subjects at basic education level (see Government Decree on University Degrees, 19§) are stipulated in the Ministry of Education decree 1082/2009 (2§).
The subject teacher's studies in theology and religion cover a total of 60 ECTS points. To obtain the free-of-charge study right to these studies, the applicant must have completed the basic studies of both disciplines. If the applicant has previously completed the religion studies, and only the theological module is missing, it can be completed free of charge.

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