Doctoral Studies
The Department encourages those interested in research to take up postgraduate studies leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (FT), with or without the intermediate degree of Licentiate of Philosophy (FL). The programme for these degrees consists of coursework and a thesis. The coursework comprises 20 credits (op) in the major subject (English) and 40 credits (op) of other studies (for example in a minor subject).

The content of the coursework block is worked out for every graduate individually. It may consist, for example, of writing papers and reports, taking further Advanced Studies courses, as well as attending conferences and seminars, including the Department's own research seminar. It may contain elements from more than one minor subject, if that is relevant to the research project in question. The majority of the postgraduate studies is, however, made up by the thesis, which may deal with any aspect of English studies approved by the Department. In accepting a new project for a postgraduate degree, the Department will appoint a supervisor for each student.

If you are interested in pursuing studies for a postgraduate degree, it will be helpful if you talk about your ideas at an early stage with the member of staff most familiar with your proposed field of study. He or she will answer your questions and give you information about, for example, possible sources of funding. You can then apply for entrance into the postgraduate programme of the Faculty of Humanities. There are two application deadlines every year; please consult the Faculty guide to postgraduate studies for more information.

It should be pointed out that the decision to take up postgraduate studies ought to be given very careful thought. To complete a postgraduate degree will, in most cases, involve several years' intensive work. Research requires a commitment that will not fail even when objectives seem difficult to reach. But for those who have such qualities, there could hardly be a more satisfying career.



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