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English Department Research Seminar


On Thursdays at Rosetta 217 from 14:15 to 15:45, unless otherwise mentioned. Please see below for meeting dates.


Programme for spring 2017

Thu 19 Jan Dr. Maarit Koponen:
What is the use of machine translation? Investigating the postediting
process (NB! exceptionally at 2.30 pm)

Thu 16 Feb Aleksi Mäkilähde:
Towards a metatheory of 'pragmaphilology'

Thu 16 Mar Nana Arjopalo:
The double in Jhumpa Lahiri's novella "Hema and Kaushik"

Thu 30 Mar Damon Tringham:
Translating Wordplay in Pratchett: An overview of the strategies
employed by two different translators

Thu 27 Apr Johanna Rastas:
Creating a digital edition of letters from the American colonists to
Rockinghamites 1764-1782



Prior research seminars

Programme for Autumn 2016

Rosetta 217, Thursdays at 2:15 pm
Thu 6 Oct Mira Tupala: Balancing between Economic Gain and Solidarity: Underlying Attitudes and Ideologies in EU Immigration Documents

Thu 27 Oct Maiju Hietaketo: Basic Features of Conversation on Discussion Forums

Thu 10 Nov Amin Beiranvand: Colonial Insurgency and Counter-colonial Insurgency

Thu 24 Nov Gabriel Jay Rauhoff: Phraseological competence: A study on  bigrams in different tasks

Thu 8 Dec  Isaac Sarkodie

Programme for Autumn 2015


Thu 17.9.
Gabriel Jay Rauhoff
Reacting to Second Language Academic Writing and Exploring Multiple Profiles of Composition


Thu 1.10.
Casie Hermansson
Peter Pan and Uncanny Adaptation


Thu 15.10.
Pia Brückner
A Postcolonial Urban Approach to Patricia Grace's Novel "Potiki"


Thu 5.11.
Pauliina Peltonen
How Do Learners Maintain the Flow of Speech? Analyzing Fluency Resources in L2 English Monologue and Dialogue


Thu 19.11.
Marianna Sunnari
Professionalism, Expertise and Expert Performance in Conference Interpreting


Thu 3.12.
Vesa Koskela
Illocutionary Framing and Meaning in Armed Conflicts

Programme for Spring 2016

Thu 22.1. 
John Deamer
Metafiction and folklore in Early Modern English, contemporary literature, and contemporary theory: myth, witchcraft; politics, misogyny  

Thu 5.2. 
Laura Nurminen
Code-switching in translation: the Finnish translations of Caribbean novels in English  

Thu 19.2. 
Mira Tupala
Towards a comprehensive immigration policy: appraisal and transitivity analysis on EU immigration policies and documents  

Thu 19.3. 
Teemu Lamminmäki
McCarthyism and Islamophobia as parallel ideologies  

Thu 9.4. 
Sara Norja
Between science and magic: An edition of Middle English alchemical texts attributed to Roger Bacon  

Thu 23.4. 

How do African Americans speak in Finnish? The translation of African American English into Finnish in literature  



​English Department Research Seminar