Study guidance


Students of the English Department can seek advice and support from various sources: student tutors introduce first-year students to the department and the university, and teaching staff are eager to help (N.B. all staff members have weekly office hours, during which students are welcome to meet them without making an appointment in advance). Both the Faculty of Humanities and the Student Union also provide advice to students. At the Department, each incoming student (major or minor) is assigned an academic advisor, a lecturer whose task is to keep in touch with his/her advisees during their first year at university, see that the students' studies proceed in a timely fashion and answer any question that they may have. Moreover, the Department has two assistants (researchers with administrative and teaching duties) and a secretary whom students can consult.
As a first-year student you will get to know your academic advisor at the very beginning of the autumn term. Each lecturer has approximately ten advisees, and each advisor's group usually gets together for the first time some time before the first teaching day. Please do not miss this first meeting! It is where you will learn all about how academic advising works and who your advisor is, as well as information about the first courses you will be taking, the structure and goals of the BA and MA degrees, how to get minor subjects, etc.