Courses Available in the Autumn Semester

​Required language skills​

  • The Turku Department of English operates at the C1-C2 level of English proficiency, and the languages of instruction are English and Finnish.
  • The courses listed below are for exchange students, who study English as a degree subject
  • The courses offered at our department are NOT for improving language skills!
  • If you are not an English student at your home university, but would like to improve your English during your exchange, please visit Turku University Language Centre's web page for information about skills courses.
Please note that exchange students are not admitted to classes listed elsewhere on the English Departments' websites, which are either specifically designed for Finnish-speaking students, or are closed-access due to limited resources.
New incoming exchange students: teaching in Autumn 2017 will begin on Monday 28 August. It is crucial that you attend the first session of the courses you intend to take! If you cannot find the information about course start dates on these pages, please consult the Department office or the exchange coordinator Elina Siltanen <etsilt[a]>. 

AUTUMN SEMESTER (Quarters 1 and 2)

(28.8.2017 -- 17.12.2017)
Recommended arrival: at least a week before the teaching starts.



English Phonetics (2 op) ENGL1002

An introductory course on the sound structure of contemporary British and American English and on phonetic concepts and terminology.

Teaching: Quarter 1-2, Autumn semester: Lectures 2h/wk
Wed 8:30-10 (lecture room XXII)
Teacher: Pekka Lintunen
The course can also be taken as a book exam.
Book exam dates: All Department exam dates.
    * Morris-Wilson Ian. 2004. English Segmental Phonetics for Finns. Oulu University Press.
    * Lintunen Pekka. 2005. Do you speak American? Amerikanenglannin fonetiikkaa suomalaisille. In Iivonen Antti (ed.) Puheen salaisuudet. Gaudeamus: 151-170.

Fiction and Poetry (5 op) ENGL1006

An introduction to the analysis of narrative fiction and poetry.
Teaching: Lecture course with reading list (2 h/wk, Autumn semester, quarters 1-2).
Fri 10-12 (lecture room II)
Teacher: Jukka Tiusanen
Assessment: written exam + paper + cell tasks

Course book: Bausch Richard & Cassill R.V. (eds.) 2006. The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, Shorter 7th ed. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.
Paper copies of the relevant material for each lecture will be made available for photocopying.

English Language and Linguistics (5 op) ENGL1013

This course serves as an introduction to linguistic thinking, basic concepts in linguistics and the study of English in the world today.
Teaching: Lectures and exercises (2 h/wk, Autumn semester, quarters 1-2; Q2: 4 h/wk).
Thu 10-12 (lecture room II), Mon 10-12 (lecture room II, Q2 only)
Teachers: Pekka Lintunen, Janne Skaffari
Assessment: by examination.

International Affairs (2 op) KÄEN1763

Introduction to different kinds of international organisations and forums and the way they operate.
Teaching: Seminar meetings 2 h/week for one quarter (Q1).
Tue 8:30-10 (Sig 119)
Teacher: Damon Tringham
N.B. This course can only take a maximum of 15 students and regular students take priority. Admittance will be confirmed at the first class.

BA Options

A number of other optional courses and book examinations will also be available each semester. Some of these courses have limited space, in which case degree students at the University of Turku take priority. Please Elina Siltanen about admission.



Who can attend MA courses?

  • Students who are working for a Master's degree,
  • AND have already completed the requirements of a Bachelor's degree.
  • A few classes may also be open to other relatively advanced exchange students.
  • Please consult the English Department exchanges coordinator, Elina Siltanen, for specific advice!

Theories of Language and Discourse (5 op)

An exploration of the functions of language and discourse in various interactional contexts.
Teaching: Lectures (2h/wk, Autumn semester, quarters 1-2).
Wed 12-14 (Rosetta I)
Teacher: Attila Krizsán
Assessment: TBA.
Course book: TBA.

Theories of Second Language Learning (5 op)

An overview of second language acquisition and the major theories of language learning.
Teaching: Lectures (2h/wk, Autumn semester, quarters 1-2).

Tue 12-14 (Ros II)
Teacher: Päivi Pietilä
Assessment: by examination based on the lectures and course book.
Book: Ortega Lourdes 2009. Understanding Second Language Acquisition. Hodder Education.


Literary Theory (5 op)

Lectures on pre-1800 novels, poetry and drama, with emphasis on literature on the British Isles.
Teaching: Lectures (2h/wk, Autum semester, quarters 1-2).
Thu 10-12 (Rosetta II)
Teacher: Jukka Tiusanen
Required reading:
    Barry Peter 2009. Beginning theory: An introduction to literary & cultural theory applications, 3rd ed. (not the earlier editions!).
    Coetzee J.M. 1986. Foe.
You will need a copy of the two books for the whole of the course.

MA Electives (5 op each)

The Department of English organizes various MA elective courses yearly. These courses will generally be available to exchange students, though some MA courses may require previous studies in a certain field. Some of these courses have limited space, in which case degree students at the University of Turku take priority. Please consult Elina Siltanen about admission <etsilt[a]>.

Participation Pass (2op)


The completed Participation Pass can be included into study modules as an option or an elective. You can read more about the Pass here.



 Info & Shortcuts



The quantity of credits awarded for each course is expressed in ECTS study points (in Finnish: opintopisteet, abbreviated op).


The grades awarded will be on a scale from 5 (high) through 1 (low), which are exactly equivalent to the A-E of the ECTS scale.

Remember to check these: