Options, electives and independent studies

Taught Options, Autumn 2017


Taught Electives, Autumn 2017

Taught Electives, Spring 2018

Taught Options, Spring 2017

Description: During the course the student should become familiar with the main outlines of the history and development of the English-speaking civilization, from its beginnings to the present day around the globe.

Taught Electives, Spring 2017



Taught Options, Autumn 2016

Taught Electives, Autumn 2016


Taught Options in English, Spring 2016


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Taught Electives in English, Spring 2016


Also, remember to check our independent elective courses: Go to Independent electives for Advanced studies.


Joint Teaching at the School of Languages and Translation Studies, Spring 2016

Faculty level:


Taught optional courses in other languages, Spring 2016


​Who is eligible to our optional courses?

  • Option courses (3 study points) = BA level
  • Elective courses (5 study points) = MA level
  • TU Degree students always take priority, but resources permitting, TU exchange students and other non-degree students are welcome to join. ​

See Independent Studies for book exams and papers.


 International Exchange Students


 Visiting JOO Students


 TU Degree Students



  • ​Sig = Signum building
  • Ros = Rosetta building
  • op = opintopiste / ECTS credit