Structure of English Studies

Bachelor of Arts Degree Studies

Basic Studies (25 op) include the following courses:

  • Spoken English
  • English Phonetics
  • Grammar 1
  • Translation
  • Academic Reading and Writing
  • Fiction and Poetry
  • English Language and Linguistics
  • Contemporary Society and Institutions UK & USA


Intermediate Studies (35/45 op) include the following courses:

  • Academic Writing and Speaking
  • Grammar 2
  • At least 3 Core Courses that will introduce you to different view points to English Studies, and 1-2 optional courses that will deepen your knowledge on a particular field of study, preferably concerning the topic of your BA thesis.
  • Bachelor's thesis

Master of Arts Degree Studies

Advanced Studies on Discourse, Literature, Philology and SLA Tracks (60/80 op)

  • The foundation course (theory concerning your thesis topic)
  • The methodology course (research methods concerning your thesis topic)
  • The seminar (to prepare your thesis)
  • MA thesis
  • At least 2 elective courses that support your thesis topic, and at least 1 foundation and 1 elective course from a field of study that does not concern your thesis topic
  • Internship
  • NB: Also, 40 op of minor studies needed for the MA Degree.

Advanced Studies on Translation Track (100/120 op) 
aka Translation and Interpreting Path

  • 60 op of theory and research studies (including the MA Thesis 40 op)
  • 40 op of basic translation skills
  • 20 op of optional special field translation courses



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