Department of Archaeology

The excavations are a central method for procuring prehistoric data for archaeological research. Alongside with its own methods, Archaeology also makes good use of a variety of other tools, such as dating methodologies used in the natural sciences. We offer a wide range for specialization, and the research questions may include historical, cultural, linguistic, social or natural scientific aspects.
Archaeology may be prove to be a practical and versatile minor subject especially for major students of history, art history and linguistics. We also promote the option for cross-disciplinary studies between faculties. For example, the students of Geology, Ecology, and Environmental Sciences or even Environmental Law students may find fresh angles and counterpoints to their major studies, when they choose Archaeology as a minor subject.
At the University of Turku, our goal is to introduce the students to the theories, methods and materials of both the prehistoric and the historic archaeology. In our teaching we focus particularly in the Archaeology of the Iron Age and historic times in Finland and in the Baltic Sea region in general. The Archaeology of historic times has a strong emphasis in our teaching.​

The Department is situated on the ground floor of the Geohouse building (visiting address: Akatemiankatu 1). The student organization Vare ( organises student activities.




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Department of Archaeology

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