​Comparative Literature 

With an approach that is both theoretical and historical, Comparative Literature endeavours to understand and interpret the characteristics, meanings and social conditions of literary phenomena. The studying of Comparative Literature opens up a broad perspective on the Western culture and provides the student with the ability to perform analytical and critical scrutiny of cultural phenomena.

The subject matter of Comparative Literature, in both teaching and research, is the entire world literature, but in practice the focus is on European and American literature. Comparative Literature aims to develop a theoretical understanding of literary phenomena, and an ability to perceive them in the framework of literary history and more generally in terms of their cultural and social setting. Comparative Literature stresses the connections between literatures written in different languages as well as their relation to other cultural phenomena (for example to other arts, history and philosophy). 

The permanent staff consists of two professors, a lecturer, two postdoctoral research fellows and an administrative secretary​



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