Digital Culture

Digital Culture applies a multidisciplinary approach to current changes in culture, new forms of digital communication, art, entertainment and teaching. The students acquire a conceptual framework for understanding the phenomena in a culture in process of digitalization, but also practice-based skills and knowledge required for work in a digital environment.

Bachelor Level

Basic Studies 25 ECTS

  • P1 Digital World 5 ECTS
  • P2 Cultural Heritage 5 ECTS
  • P3 Landscape, Place, Cultural Environment 5 ECTS
  • P4 The Basics of Research in Digital Culture 6 ECTS
  • P4a Research-based Thinking in Digital Culture 3 ECTS
  • Pab Academic Writing and Digital Culture 3 ECTS
  • P5 Perspectives of Digital Culture: Supplementary Literature 4 ECTS

Intermediate Studies 45 ECTS

  • A1 Seminar 10 ECTS
  • A2 Research Skills 13 ECTS
  • A2a Doing Research in Digital Culture 4 ECTS
  • A2b Research materials and data collection 3 ECTS
  • A2c Research Ethics 3 ECTS
  • A2d Creative Writing 3 ECTS
  • A3 Essential Topics in Digital Culture 6 ECTS
  • A3a Cultural Change of Technology 3 ECTS
  • A3b Game Cultures 3 ECTS
  • A3c Online Communities 3 ECTS
  • A4 Production of Digital Culture 6 ECTS
  • A 5 Supplementary Specialization 10 ECTS​