The Finnish Migration Collection

The department holds a unique collection of immigration history which has been augmented since the 1960s. Most of the material deals with Finnish-American immigration, but there is also material, for instance, about Finnish immigration to Australia. The collection includes questionnaires, original letters, contemporary literature, clippings, newspapers and images. It was formed mainly by the donations of Finnish immigrants and their descendants. There is an ongoing scanning project of the collections to make the materials available on the net. At the moment the immigrant questionnaires (c. 4600) and large quantity of newspaper clippings have been scanned. Ask our staff for more details.

The History of Tourism Collection

The History of Tourism Collection was founded in 2004. The collection includes both primary and secondary material. Primary material consists of brochures, postcards, photographs and interviews. Most of the material is geographically concentrated on Europe, but there is also material concerning Africa, Australia, the Middle East, North America and Russia. The collection is to be found and consulted at the department.

Other microfilmed material

There is a large collection of microfilmed material at the department. The microfilm collection includes material about the Second World War, World Exhibitions, the Baltic Sea region, the Third Reich, the United States and India. The microfilmed material has been put into a database and can be browsed by topic or theme. There are also microfilm and microcard readers available for students and researchers. For more information please contact our staff.