Finnish History

​The studies concentrate on different perspectives on the history of everyday phenomena, mass movements, social organization, and mentalities. Environmental, gender, work and industrial life's history have been particularly studied at our Department.

The students may start to specialize in a topic or domain of history according to their interests from the very beginning of the studies. This way the student acquires specific skills for writing the final thesis, and expertize to help the transition into the working life. The Department of Finnish History offers high-quality method teaching and know-how for the working life. The students start using primary sources right from the basic and intermediate studies onwards, and each student may conduct the final thesis according to his or her own interests.

With the support of suitable minor studies, Finnish History offers versatile abilities to work in fields that require the expertise about the Finnish society and its historical background. The Department prepares its' students to professions related to information mining and literary work. Finnish History studies develop the abilities of data acquisition and application, and enhances verbal skills. Also available at the Department is the higher degree in Archive Studies, which gives the qualifications to academic positions in public administration.




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Finnish History

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