Inka Rantakallio

I graduated from Religious Studies at the University of Helsinki. My master's thesis discussed Muslim hip-hop and Muslim identities on the Internet, and I have published two peer-reviewed articles on the topic. My ongoing PhD research is an interdisciplinary case study of Finnish underground rap artists and the discourses of authenticity and spirituality. Research material ranges from interviews with the artists to close readings of their music videos, observation at concerts and analysis of social media.

I am a member of IIPC, and part of the executive group of the Finnish Youth Research Society's sub-network Hip-Hop in Finland: Genres and Generations. I am also a member of IASPM Norden and of the Nordic Hip-Hop Studies network. I have lectured on hip-hop both in Finnish and in English, and have given several papers on the topic in Finland and abroad.




Poutiainen, Ari & Inka Rantakallio (2016). Discursive Construction of African-American Identities and Spirituality: A Comparison of Muslim Hip Hop and 1960s Jazz Avant-Garde. Popular Music & Society, 2016: 39 (2), 186–201. < >

Rantakallio, Inka (2013). Constructing Muslim Hip Hop Identities on the Internet, Cyber Orient, Vol. 7 (2). < >


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