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Master’s Degree Pathway in Popular Culture Studies

The departments of cultural history, media studies and musicology offer a pathway in popular culture studies (PCS) within their existing degree programmes, but incorporating studies in the two neighbouring disciplines and a jointly organised master’s seminar. The main language of the PCS degree pathways is English. Students with knowledge of Finnish and Swedish, however, may take advantage of courses offered in these languages. The pathway is offered to international students and to Finnish students who wish to pursue their master’s level studies in an international and strongly interdisciplinary study context. The master’s degree requires two years of study, after which the graduate will receive a degree in cultural history, media studies or musicology.
The pathway in Popular Cultural Studies allows students pursuing degrees in cultural history, media studies or musicology to orientate their studies towards popular culture research. It helps students to understand the meanings, contexts and social implications of contemporary and historical phenomena. Furthermore, the pathway provides students with a thorough knowledge of the history, theories and concepts of popular culture, as well as with the analytical and critical skills necessary for understanding and interpreting popular music, entertainment, media culture and practices of daily life, including sport and other popular pastimes. The degree pathway trains experts with a broad knowledge of popular culture. 
The basic requirements for students applying for entry to the degree programmes are a bachelor’s level degree in one of the three disciplines (cultural history, media studies or musicology) or some closely related Humanities or Social Sciences subject and evidence of proficiency in English. Further information on the PCS degrees is available from our website ( or by contacting the study coordinator (popstudies(at)
Updated: 19.5.2015