Programme regulations


The compulsory introduction to North American Studies Programme, the course NAMS1111 Crossing the Atlantic: The Making of North America, will begin on week 2 of Quarter 1.

Registration can be done through NettiOpsu:
Go to Courses -> Registration -> Faculty of Humanities -> School of Languages and Translation Studies -> select the course with extended registration and tick the box.
"Old" NAMS students do no
t need to register to continue their studies in 2017-18.

NAMS also offers an introductory course to the history, culture and society of Canada in the spring semester called The Making of Canada (NAMS2001). Further details TBA.
NOTE: 1 study point (=opintopiste, op) is exactly equivalent to one ECTS credit point.

Getting Started with NAMS

  • Classes in the North American Studies program do not usually start until the Second Week of each semester.
  • The foundation course for the program, Crossing the Atlantic: The Making of North America (4 op; + 5 op for an optional term paper and/or book exam each), is taught in the autumn semester, and offers a historical introduction to the interdisciplinary study of the societies of North America (the United States and Canada).
  • Students are expected, if possible, to attend the annual two-day American Voices seminar held in mid-October (1 op). Students completing a study unit (basic/intermediate studies) are required to include at least one American Voices seminar credit in the unit.
In addition to the foundation course, the NAMS program offers taught electives, which vary from year to year, and units consisting of independent study.
  • The introductory course is taught in English and all of the book examinations can be taken in English. Occasionally, courses taught in Finnish or Swedish may be offered within the program. The choice of language used in classes and for written assignments is at the teacher's discretion and can usually be identified from the title of the class quoted in the course listing.


Degree students who take North American Studies as a minor within a degree start by taking the obligatory introductory class Crossing the Atlantic: The Making of North America (NAMS1111), taught in the autumn semester, which offers an introduction to the origins and character of the North American societies from a multidisciplinary perspective. Students (both Finnish and international) who wish to take classes without completing the introductory course should contact the Program Coordinator by email (jkorkka[at] in advance. 

Students then choose electives from  the modules available, either by taught classes or by independent study. Electives may be taken concurrently with the introductory class or in later semesters. In addition, to complete the 25 op for Basic Studies, each student is required to attend the American Voices seminar held in October each year and to submit a written report on this (1 op).
Where an elective is a taught class, students from the North American Studies program take part alongside students from the Department offering the class. If places on particular classes are restricted, priority has to be given to that Department's own students. Students who also hold the right to study in the Department concerned may choose whether to register their credits under the subject concerned, or under North American Studies: in the latter case, students are personally responsible for informing the Program Coordinator.
The grades given for Basic Studies and for Intermediate Studies are the average of the grades obtained for the relevant modules, weighted in proportion to the credit points.
The final component in intermediate Studies is the Interdisciplinary Project (10 op), for which students propose a North American topic of their own choice which involves a multidisciplinary approach. Group projects, involving more than one student, are warmly encouraged. In addition, to complete the 35 op for Intermediate Studies, each student is also required to attend a second American Voices seminar held in October each year and to submit a written report on this (1 op). (Students are encouraged in any case to attend American Voices each year and to submit a written report for credit.)

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