Exam registration

Lecture exams

Generally, there is no need to register separately for exams based on lecture courses. Students are allowed to take a lecture exam three times and the exam dates are given by the lecturer. Note, however, that the second and third exam may be held on a Department exam day, in which case students must register as described below.

Book exams

Book exams are usually taken on the Department exam day (laitostentti).
For these exams, students register by filling in an exam registration form in clear handwriting (!). Students must sign-up ten days in advance, i.e. the Tuesday of the preceding week. The envelope is returned either to the office of the Department of English or to the exam registration box found in the lobby next to the English department office. The envelopes can be found in the cupboard by the registration box.
Students can also sign-up for some exams online in NettiOpsu. 


Examination dates for academic year 2017-2018

A) Department examinations

Fridays 2pm-5pm, lecture hall X (Natura)

Spring 2018: 19.1. / 16.2. / 16.3. / 20.4. / 18.5.

Autumn 2017: 8.9. /  6.10. /  3.11. / 1.12.

B) Faculty examinations

Fridays 2pm-6pm, lecture hall X (Natura)

Spring 2018: 26.1. / 23.2. / 23.3. / 27.4. / 25.5.

Autumn 2017: 29.9. /  27.10. /  24.11.  / 15.12.

NB! The Faculty exams in the spring and autumn are primarily meant to be used as backup dates for serious timetable clashes (for example, when degree students need to complete their NAMS studies or when exchange students are leaving the country at the end of the semester). Consult Janne Korkka ( before registering for NAMS exams on a faculty exam date. Please register for these exams at the Faculty office in Signum (2nd floor)!