Popular Culture Studies: pathway to master’s degree
The master’s pathway in popular cultural studies allows students to pursue degrees in cultural history, media studies or musicology in the framework of popular culture research. The pathway helps students to understand the meanings, contexts and social implications of contemporary and historical phenomena related to popular culture. Furthermore, it provides students with a thorough knowledge of the histories, theories and concepts that have been employed to explain popular culture, as well as the analytical and critical skills necessary for understanding and interpreting popular music, entertainment, media culture and practices of daily life. 

What does the degree train you for…?

The MA in Popular Culture Studies prepares you for higher position in many professional spheres, including libraries, archives and museums, cultural organizations, non-university research institutions, managerial positions in the arts or education, and industry jobs in media or music. You will additionally gain the requisite skills for a career in journalism and, if you excel in your studies, the qualifications required for postgraduate studies leading to an academic career.