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Scandinavian Languages as a subject belongs to the field of linguistics. The teaching and research at the Department are done in Swedish and concern primarily the Swedish language. Graduates of the Department often go on to work as Swedish language teachers, translators or in other positions where expertise in Scandinavian languages and culture is required. In addition to Swedish, also Norwegian and Danish are taught at the Department. Students have the possibility to study the language and culture of other Scandinavian countries by attending summer courses organised by several Nordic universities or by enrolling on a longer exchange programme. The University of Turku’s Department of Scandinavian Languages cooperates with the Department of Swedish at the Åbo Akademi, the Swedish-speaking university in Turku. The teaching at the Department is in Swedish.​​

Our department provides mainly studies in Swedish, and also in Norwegian and Danish, for Finnish speaking students. Swedish is an official language in Finland and compulsory in the school curriculum. Thus, having studied Swedish for a minimum of six years in school, and having passed our entrance test, our students have a fairly good knowledge of the language when they embark on their university level studies. This allows for all lectures to be given in Swedish (or other Scandinavian languages). Students are also expected to write all of their exams and other assignments in Swedish.
No primary courses in Scandinavian languages are given at our department. Students looking for primary courses in Swedish as a foreign language are referred to the Language Centre (Kielikeskus).
The main core of the curriculum is contrastive Finnish–Swedish aspects concerning phonetics, morphology and syntax. Guest students wanting to follow these courses must have a basic knowledge of Finnish. Courses in literature, language history, sociolinguistics, dialects etc. do not require any knowledge of Finnish.
For further information about our curriculum, see the study guide for Basic and Intermediate Studies or Advanced studies (if you open a page in Finnish, click on "In English" in the right hand corner of the page).

The courses that are available to foreign guest students in the academic year 2014–2015 are:

Basis Studies:
  • POHF0713 – Textproduktion, 5ECTS (small group, requires registration)
  • POHF0714 – Normativ grammatik, 5ECTS (small group, requires registration)
  • POHF0715 – Modern svensk litteratur,  5ECTS (small group, requires registration)

Intermediate Studies:

  • POHF0582 – Svenskans regionala och sociala variation, 5ECTS (small group, requires registration)
  • POHF0727 – Litterär analys och stilistik, 5ECTS (book exam)
  • POHF1033 – Språkhistoria (lecture)
  • POHF0725 – Svenska litteraturklassiker, 5ECTS (book exam)
  • POHF0634 – Svenska som andraspråk, 5ECTS (book exam)
  • POHF0578 – Svenskan i Finland, 5ECTS (book exam)

Advanced Studies:

  • POHF0673 – Andraspråksinlärning och inlärarsvenska, 5ECTS (book exam)
  • POHF0742 – Svenskan i tal och samtal, 5ECTS (book exam)
  • POHF0747 – Ungdomsspråk och nätspråk, 5ECTS (book exam)
  • POHF0656 – Tvåspråkighet, 5ECTS (book exam)
  • POHF0581 – Språkpolicy och språkideologier, 5ECTS (small group, spring 2015, requires registration)
  • POHF0735 – Svensk syntax, 5ECTS (book exam)
  • POHF0748 – Samtalsspråkets grammatik, 5ECTS (book exam)
  • POHF0736 – Svensk lexikologi och fraseologi, 5ECTS (book exam)
  • POHF0901 – Textforskning, 5ECTS (book exam)​

These courses do not require any knowledge of Finnish. If you are interested in studying at our department contact the staff in advance. This information about next year's courses is preliminary and subject to change.

The registration period for courses in the autumn semester is in late August/early September and for courses in the spring semester in mid-December/early January.  For further information contact the staff.

Please contact the members of staff in Swedish so we can make sure that your knowledge of Swedish is sufficient to study at our department. ​​​




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