Aalto, Pekka (European Law)
Aine, Antti (Commercial Law and the Law of Obligation)
Alvesalo-Kuusi, Anne (Sociology of Law)
Björkroth, Tom (Law and Economics)
Bäckman, Johan (Criminology)
Bräutigam, Tobias (Information Law)
Ellonen, Noora (Criminology)
Elonheimo, Henrik (Criminology and Restorative Justice)
Engström, Viljam (International Law)
Ervo, Laura (Procedural Law)
Gottberg, Eva (Civil Law)
Haapasalo, Jaana (Judicial and Criminal Psychology)
Halme-Tuomisaari, Miia (International Law)
Halonen, Kirsi-Maria (Commercial Law, with a specialization in Public Procerement Law)
Harrikari, Timo (Sociology of Law and Criminology)
Herala, Nina (Comparative Law)
Hirvelä, Päivi (Procedural Law and Human rights)
Hoffrén, Mia (Property Law)
Huhtamäki, Ari (Civil Law and Commercial Law)
Immonen, Raimo (Corporate Taxation)
Inha, Jyri (Constitutional Law, especially Constitutional History)
Kiikeri Markku (European Law)
Koivurova, Timo (International Law)
Kokko Kai (Environmental Law)
Konstari, Timo (Administrative Law)
Koskinen, Seppo (Labour Law)
Kuusiniemi, Kari (Environmental Law)
Lahti, Raimo (Criminal Law)
Lamponen, Helena (Labour Law)
Laukkanen, Sakari (Procedural Law)
Lavapuro, Juha (Constitutional Law)
Lehtinen, Leena (International Trade Law)
Lehtinen, Tuomas (Contract Law, International Trade Law)
Lehtonen, Asko (Criminal Law)
Lehtonen, Lasse (Administrative Law)
Lidman, Satu (History of Criminal Law)
Linderborg, Henrik (Criminology)
Lindroos, Katja (Commercial Law and Comparative Commercial Law)
Linna, Tuula (Procedural Law)
Lähteenmäki-Uutela, Anu (food law)
Mezei, Peter (Intellectual property Law)
Mikkola, Tuulikki (Comparative Law)
Mylly, Tuomas (Comporative Law)
Niemi, Matti Ilmari (Pure Theory of Law)
Ojanen, Tuomas (European Law)
Ollila, Riitta (Information and Communications Law)
Palaja, Antero (Commercial Law)
Pirjatanniemi, Elina (Criminal Law)
Pitkänen, Olli (Information Technology Law)
Pönkä, Ville (Civil and Commercial Law)
Raitio, Juha (European Law)
Rentto, Juha-Pekka (Philosophy of Law)
Ruohonen, Janne (Company Law)
Röben Volker (European Law and lnternational Law)
Saari, Kari (Sociology of Law and Criminology)
Savela, Ari (Commercial Law)
Sorsa, Kaisa (Regulatory Law)
Sorvari, Katariina (Intelectual Property)
Suviranta, Outi (Administrative Law)
Tammi-Salminen, Eva (Civil Law)
Tapani, Jussi (Criminal Law)
Tolvanen, Matti (Criminal Law)
Tähti, Aarre (Administrative Law)
Vapaavuori, Ahti (Financial Law)
Viljanen, Mika (Law of Obligations)
Villa, Seppo (Commercial Law)