Faculty of Law

We study societal phenomena and decision making from a legal perspective – both actively and critically.

  • Founded in 1960
  • Altogether 74 person-years in 2014
  • We have invested especially in our teaching and research staff which has increased by 11,5 % since 2013
  • In 2013, we were in the top 200 of the QS World University Rankings field-specific comparison


We produce high-quality and wide-ranging legal research acknowledging the multinational and international legal connections and provide high-quality education based on the research.  

  • Our main task is to provide high-quality research-based teaching and produce wide-ranging and high-quality research especially in our focus areas
  • 1280 students of which 119 are international students
  • 1542 applicants of which 158 were accepted and enrolled
  • 29 were accepted to the Faculty through the separate application
  • In 2014,
    • 159 Bachelors of Laws,
    • 140 Masters of Laws,
    • 3 Licentiates of Laws and
    • 3 Doctors of Laws graduated from the Faculty of Law
  • Master’s Programme in English
    • Law and Information Society


We build our cooperation network through interdisciplinary research in both Finland and abroad.

  • 154 research publications of which 29 are international (Vipunen – the statistics database of the education administration)
  • Focus areas of research
    • Constitutionalism and basic and human rights research
    • Legal research of economic changes
  • Minna Canth Academy Professorship
  • Postgraduate students in all 16 disciplines
  • The Theme Year of Legal Research 2015–2016
  • 10 doctoral dissertations this year

Societal interaction

Our research has societal impact.

  • We interact with the society and aim at producing research with societal significance
  • Our teaching and research staff are active in societal discussions and activities
  • We make use of the expertise of our alumni and other partners in the teaching to pass on knowledge and skills relevant in the working life
  • Our partners and alumni play an important role in the development of the Faculty

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