Dean and Vice Deans
Professor of Criminal Law
Phone +358 2 333 5539
Office number: 344
Reception: as agreed
Term of office: 1.8.2015- 31.7.2017.

Based upon a proposal made by the Faculty Council, the Rector has, with his decision registered on March 9, 2017, appointed professor Jussi Tapani as Dean of the Faculty of Law as of August 1, 2017 for a duration of his own term of office. The Rector's current term of office ends on July 31, 2019.

Dean Jussi Tapani is one of the twenty professors of the Faculty.

The Dean manages and supervises the operations of the Faculty and has general powers to examine and resolve matters that pertain to the Faculty unless otherwise prescribed or stipulated. In addition, the Dean is responsible for the development of the Faculty, the implementation of the University of Turku's strategy at the Faculty and the acceptance of the new students. The Dean acts as a Chair of the Faculty Council and selects the Vice Dean(s) among the professors of the Faculty for the same term of office.
Vice Deans
Phone: +358 2 333 5512/+358 50 560 4229

In the absence of Dean Tapani, Vice Dean Alvesalo-Kuusi acts as his deputy.  

Professor Alvesalo-Kuusi is responsible for research.


Janne Salminen, assistant professor

Phone: +358 2 333 5513

Assistant Professor Salminen is responsible for the basic degree studies.