Faculty Council

The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Law 

Chairperson: Dean, Professor Jussi Tapani

Based upon a proposal made by the Faculty Council, the Rector has, with his decision registered on March 9, 2017, appointed professor Jussi Tapani as Dean of the Faculty of Law as of August 1, 2017 for a duration of his own term of office. The Rector's current term of office ends on July 31, 2019.

Vice Chairperson: Professor Veli-Pekka Viljanen

Members (Deputy Members)
Kumpula, Anne (Alvesalo-Kuusi, Anne)
Mikkola, Tuulikki (Niemi, Johanna)
Tapani, Jussi  (Ossa, Jaakko)
Viljanen, Veli-Pekka (Koskinen, Seppo)
Heikkonen, Johannes  (Jaakkola, Jussi)
Helminen, Anna-Maija (Asplund, Aino)
Kainulainen, Heini (Viljanen, Mika)
Salminen, Janne  (Helle, Karoliina)
Laakso, Ville  (Paavola, Tomi)
Dahlström, Tuomas (von Schrowe, Anton)
Hirvonen, Elina (Laitinen, Iiris)
Lehtonen, Susanna (Leppä-Aro, Laura)

Noora Kedonperä, the Faculty Services Manager (A-agendas), Katja Arola, the Head of Student and Academic Affairs (B-agendas) and Marja Andersson, the Coordinator for Research and Doctoral Studies (C-agendas) act as the Faculty Council Preparatory Officers introducing the matters on the agenda.

 Additional members:
Ossa, Jaakko
Niemi, Johanna
Alvesalo-Kuusi, Anne
Mylly, Tuomas 
Faculty Council meetings in autumn 2017 are held on the following days:
  • 22.8. at 10
  • 19.9. at 10
  • 10.10. at 12
  • 17.10. at 10
  • 28.11. at 10
  • 12.12. at 10 

Time changes are possible and will be announced separately.