Advisory Council

People representing both the scientific as well as commercial community with close connection to the faculty have been invited to the Advisory Council supporting the operational development of the faculty.

The term of office of the Advisory Council is 1 January, 2017 - 31 December, 2020.

The Composition

Ulla Bono, General Counsel, Ahlstrom Oyj
Tapio Huttunen, Chief Constable, Southwestern Finland Police Department
Mikko Korttila, General Counsel, Alma Media Oyj and Senilex ry
Kari Kuusiniemi, Justice of the Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court
Kenneth Nygård, President, Turku Court of Appeal
Elina Pirjatanniemi, Professor, Åbo Akademi
Tuula Pynnä, Justice of the Supreme Court, Supreme Court
Allan Rosas, Judge, Court of Justice of the European Union
Jarkko Ruohola, Attorney-at-law, Finnish Bar Association
Ritva Sahavirta, Prosecutor General, The Office of the Prosecutor General
Maija Sakslin, Deputy-Ombudsman, the Parliament of Finland
Mikko Salo, Deputy Executive Director, the Association of Finnish Lawyers
Juhani Toukola, Director, National Administrative Office for Enforcement

 Allan Rosas has been appointed as the chairman of the Advisory Council.