Domestic Violence and Intersectionality. Between Gender, Ethinicity and Collectivity

on Wednesday the 6th of April 2016, at 1–5 pm.

University of Turku Faculty of Law, lecture hall Cal2 in Calonia building (Caloniankuja 3).

participation is free

there is no formal registration for this event, but we kindly ask you to let us know
by April 1st if you are coming (see email-addresses below).

Recent and on-going societal changes in Finland, like in many other European countries, have led to an increasing need to reconsider the functionality of legal systems. Especially the combination of multiculturalization, attitudinal changes and shortage of economic resources challenge the interpretation and implementation of human rights and criminal justice. The constellation demands a better recognition of various intersectional elements: not only the impact of gender but ethnicity and cultural structures such as collectivity vs. individuality have to be included into the attempts to understand the dynamics of domestic violence. 

The research project "Collective Gendered Violence from Preventive and Punitive Perspective", lead by Satu Lidman and Tuuli Hong, aims at interdisciplinary discussions on violence by combining the approaches of criminal law, human rights and preventative aspects. Collective gendered violence, for example in the form of honour-related violence, is a topical issue also in Finland. However, Finland could – and should – learn from experiences of other countries such as UK and Sweden.

The symposium offers a platform to discuss and study how existing juridical and societal mechanisms could and have been utilized in violence prevention and criminal processing of domestic violence. Due to the concerns regarding the incapacity of the Finnish judicial system to provide justice for the victims of collective gendered violence and other types of domestic violence equally, the symposium seeks for fresh and more effective ways to tackle this kind of violence in preventive and punitive perspectives.

Guest speakers:

  • Roxanne Khan (University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom)
  • Anu Isotalo (University of Turku, Finland)
  • Sanna Mustasaari (University of Helsinki, Finland)


  • Lisa Grans (Åbo Akademi, Finland)


  • Tuuli Hong (University of Turku)
  • Satu Lidman (University of Turku)


1.15 ​ ​Opening words and introduction (Hong & Lidman)
​1.45 ​Examining ‘Honor’-Based Violence through a psychological lens: The influence of individualism vs collectivism on perceptions in Europe and South Asia (Roxanne Khan)

Moral Topographies of Honor and Shame: Young Somali Women, Agency and Social Control (Anu Isotalo)

​3.15 ​Coffee break
​3.45 Marriage, freedom and consent: From rigid definitions to spheres of critical agency (Sanna Mustasaari)
​4.15 ​Comments (Lisa Grans), questions and discussion
​5.00 ​Day ends


Tuuli Hong and Satu Lidman

Research project webpage