Law and Crises

​Ever more frequently our conversations circle around various crises, threats as well as exceptional and difficult times in Finland, Europe and in the wider international fora. How do crises and crisis-talk manifest themselves in law?

The prolonged financial crisis in Europe has prompted a number of demanding political and social issues. Our societies face economic strains as well as growing social problems and inequality. Severe budget cuts have targeted e.g. education, health care, the judiciary and social security. These “hard” solutions have stirred criticism. As a corollary, legal scholars, for their part, have been accused of preventing changes regarded as necessary.

At the conference “Oikeustieteen päivät” 2017 we analyze how and to what extent financial, political as well as social crises are visible are embodied in law. We ask whether and what kind of changes have been made (or have occurred) in legislation, practice and research through the constant invocation of crisis and threat. Have these changes destabilized established principles of law? Has a state of exception become the new rule? How has the judicial system operated in crisis situations and maintained or lost its legitimacy? In the end, how has it managed these crises? Does law produce crises per se? What kind of crises does your field of law concern?

We call for papers on the interaction between crises and law. All fields of law and perspectives inside and outside the scope of jurisprudence are welcome. Moreover, theoretical insights on crises are highly valued.

The papers on crises and law may, for example, concern the following themes:

  • Employment and contractual relations in hard times
  • “Refugee crisis” and asylum seekers
  • Changes in global institutions
  • Indebtedness
  • Relationships and families
  • Climate change and biodiversity
  • Norms of network living
  • Punitive crime control
  • Restriction of civil rights
  • Changes in the European Union
  • Technology management in law



Conference August 31 – September 1, 2017 

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