The First Professor of Practice in Legal Educational Units Started at the University of Turku

As of January 1 2017, Pekka Määttä, LL.D. and Chief Judge, has been working in the position of Professor of Practice in law. Määttä works full-time at the District Court of Kainuu and part-time (20 %) as a Professor of Practice at the University of Turku. The position is scheduled to last until December 31, 2018.

Määttä's duties include strengthening the dialogue between the university and the judiciary, and the position supports, in particular, development of teaching and research on procedural law at the Faculty of Law as well as the social effectiveness of legal research. Additionally, the position promotes development of education of the judiciary judges and high-quality work of the court.

Määttä graduated with a Master of Laws degree from the University of Lapland. In 2013, he completed his Doctor of Laws degree at the University of Turku.

Määttä has wide and long-term experience in working in posts pertaining to jurisdiction: before his transition to the judiciary, Määttä has worked as a referendary and judge of the Court of Appeal, district judge at the District Court and as an advocate. As of January 1, 2017, Määttä has been holding the position of chief judge at the District Court of Kainuu.

Published date 1/26/2017 8:35 AM ,  Modified date 5/24/2018 9:30 AM