Property Law
​Picture: Minna Salonen

 The most specific field of property law concerns the problems connected to economic exchange and insolvency. Property rights are, namely, characterized by the fact that the holder of such a right is protected against third parties, e.g. transferees and creditors of other persons. Thus, property law determines the prerequisites for this kind of ultra partes protection. However, property law also deals more generally with legal issues such as ownership, possession, pledge, charge, and other security rights as well as lease, tenancy, and other rights of use.

The research pursued in the faculty covers both above-mentioned sectors of property law. During the last few years, active research has been conducted into the general principles of ultra partes protection as well as several more detailed questions concerning security rights and the so-called material insolvency law. Related ti the other central sector of property law one must mention the studies of the conveyance of real property.