Passive Register
​The student database of the University of Turku includes a number of students who no longer pursue studies actively or who do not plan to finish a degree at the University. The University needs to allocate resources to services, such as study guidance, according to the actual demand. Therefore, the number of students in the database should correspond to the number of actual students. For this reason, passive register was applied in 2010. 
According to the current regulation of the University of Turku (Turun yliopiston opintojohtosääntö, 8 §), degree and doctoral students’ right to study may be transferred to the passive register if they do not pursue studies actively. Each study right is transferred to the passive register separately, i.e. student’s other study rights may be active, even if one study right has been transferred to the passive register. 
A doctoral student’s study right is transferred to the passive register if s/he has not pursued doctoral studies or participated in supervision according to the agreed plan. The study right will also be declared passive if the student has enrolled as non-attending student or neglected to enrol during the last three academic years.  
A transfer to the passive register does not cancel the study right. The study right may be reactivated.
In order to reactivate the study right, the doctoral student must submit the following documents to the Faculty of Law:

The documents should be sent to the Research and Postgraduate Education Officer.