Postgraduate Studies

According to the Government Decree on University Degrees (1039/2013) Section 21, the objective of postgraduate studies is that the student

1) becomes well-versed in his/her own field of research and its social significance

2) gains knowledge and skills needed to apply scientific research methods independently and critically and to produce new scientific knowledge within his/her field of research;

3) becomes conversant with the development, basic problems and research methods of his/her own field of research;

4) gains such knowledge of the general theory of science and of other disciplines relating to his/her own field of research as enables him/her to follow developments in them;

5) gains sufficient communication and language skills and other necessary skills in order to work in extensive and demanding expert and development roles and in international collaborative settings.
A postgraduate degree provides an additional qualification for several different legal expert positions. These include, in addition to the traditional academic teaching and research positions, for instance, jobs in national and international legislative drafting, judge and prosecutor posts as well as specialist jobs in public administration, economic life and legal aid.