Working as a doctoral candidate

The Faculty employs several doctoral candidates, whose main job is doing research aiming for a doctoral degree. Doctoral candidates employed by the Faculty are also given some tasks in the Faculty disciplines. These tasks can include making exam questions, correcting exam answers, reading theses, instructing seminars, lecturing, supervising examinations and participating in the Faculty committees. The tasks are always agreed together with the professor of the discipline in question. The vacant doctoral candidate's positions are announced on the front page of the Faculty website.


It is possible to apply for scholarships from different foundations, associations and public communities for funding doctoral studies. The Aurora database includes funding sources for sciences, arts and culture for both project funding and personal grants. The database includes Finnish and foreign funding programmes, which are available for Finns or those residing in Finland. The database lists some 800 funding organisations and new funding opportunities are constantly added to keep the database up to date. Users should verify all information directly from the funding organisations e.g. through their websites which will also provide more detailed application information.

International students

There are some funding possibilties especially for international doctoral students, for example CIMO Fellowships or Erasmus Mundus programmes, in which the University of Turku is participating.  

Working in a research project

There are several ongoing research projects at the Faculty, which also employ doctoral candidates.

Part-time studies

It is also possible to study part-time while at work. However, in this case it normally takes longer to graduate. While the target net time for completing the doctoral studies is four years, it is longer when working simultaneously.