Programme 2012
Venue: Calonia, Faculty of Law, University of Turku

Thursday May 24

08.30-09.00 Registration  
09.00-09.15 Dean`s Welcome (CAL 1)  
09.15-10.15 Keynote: Prof. Fiona Macmillan:
 Intellectual Property and the Public Domain: An Excursion to Hyperreality
10.15-10.30 Coffee: take-in  
10.30-12.30 Theme 1: New Innovation and Intellectual Property Regimes  
  Chair: Katja Lindroos
 * Prof. Doris Long: Deviant Globalization: The Next Step In the Multilateral Protection of IP
 * Prof. Yoshiyuki Tamura: Conceptual Fallacies behind the Idea of an Area Without Protection for Intellectual Works
 * Prof Peter Yu: The Complexities of Chinese Counterfeits
12.30-13.45 Lunch  
13.45-15.45 Theme 1: New Innovation and Intellectual Property Regimes         
  CAL 2
Chair: Prof. John Cross
 * Prof. Tuomas Mylly: The Constitutionalization of EU IP Law through External IP Agreements
 * Anniina Huttunen: Translation Technology and Intellectual Property
 * Juan He: Indigenous Innovation Policy and the Impact of Globalization on China`s Intellectual Property System
 * Prof. Scott Boone: regulating the Internet of the Future
  CAL 3
Chair: Ulla-Maija Mylly
 * Jennifer Carter-Johnson: Increasing University Invention Disclosure
 * Anne-Mari Lummevuo: Employee Inventions in Multinational Companies with Global R&D
 * Lars Smith: Patent Liability in the Cloud
15.45-16.15  Coffee Break  
16.15-18.00 Theme 2: New Strategies and Techniques of Enforcement  
  CAL 2
 * Enrico Bonadio: Punishing On-Line Copyright Infringers: Disconnection of Internet Access
 * Prof.  Peter Mezei: The File-sharing dilemma: Is It Really Impossible to Settle the File-sharing Problem?
 * Branislav Hazucha: Technological Protection of Measures, Circumvention and Consumers` Acceptance
  CAL 3
 * Daniel Acquah: "The Manufactoring Fiction", IP and Generic Seizures
 * Daniel Katz: The "Science of Similarity" and the Development of an Algorithmic Approach to Trace and Spread of Innovation
 * Llewelyn Gibbons: Stepping Back to the Future: Standards, Private Law-making and Federal Preemption of State Law in the US
19.00-20.30 Cocktails Provided by the City of Turku at m/s Swan of Finland
 *Please note that high-heel shoes are not permitted on board the ship*

Friday May 25 2012

09.00-10.45 Theme 2: New Strategies and Techniques of Enforcement  
  CAL 2
 * Simonetta Vezzoso: Towards an EU Doctrine of Anticompetitive Patent-related Litigations
 * Rosa Ballardini: The "One-Size Fits All" Patent System
 * Juha Vesala: Antitrust Governance of Content Distribution Platforms
10.45-11.15 Coffee Provided by Lukander & Ruohola Attorneys at Law  
11.15-12.45 Keynote: Advocate General Niilo Jääskinen:
Recent Case Law of the EU Court of Justice on the Legal Position of Online Service Providers
12.45-14.15 Lunch  
14.15-16.15 Theme 3: Governing the Internet and Social Networks  
  CAL 2
 * Krisztina Stump: Liability of Internet Service Providers for Defamatory Content: (When) Should Allegedly Defamatory Content Disappear from the Internet?
 * Edward Morris and Sarah Clayton: Social Media Marks: Adapting Traditional Rights Protection to the Evolving Communications Landscape
 * Bruce Kennedy: Preserving Cultural Property
  CAL 3
* Prof. Adam Candeub: Search Engines, Essential Facilities, and the New Economy
 * Ulla-Maija Mylly: Patent Law Exceptions for Computer Program Interoperability in Europe
 * Katja Lindroos: Injunctions against Internet Intermediaries for Copyright and Trademark Infringement
16.15-16.45 Coffee  
16.45-17.45 Closing Panel (CAL1)
Chair: Tuomas Mylly
Panelists: Prof. John Cross, Prof. Adam Candeub, Prof. Peter Mezei
19.30 Dinner at Restaurant Cindy  

Social Programme on Saturday May 26 2012


The Venue for 26 May Programme is Airiston Lumous, a Cottage Located in the Finnish Archipelago. For Further Information Please Visit: