​Structure of the Studies 1.8.2016-31.7.2018

Compulsory courses, 6 ECTS

  • Introduction to the Law and Information Society 4 ECTS
  • Legal Academic Writing and Research, 2 ECTS

Specialisation courses, 36 ECTS

  • Enabling and Controlling Private Power in the Knowledge Society, 12 ECTS
  • Digital rights and internet governance 12 ECTS
  • Intellectual property protection and licensing models for new technologies
    12 ECTS

Optional courses, 18 ECTS

The list of possible optional courses offered by Faculty of Law University of Turku is available in Curricula Guide. In addition students can include studies from other Faculties and units (e.g. Finnish language courses) to their optional studies.

Advanced Studies, 60 ECTS

  • Literature 8 ECTS
  • Seminar work 12 ECTS
  • Master’s thesis (approximately 70-100 p.) 40 ECTS



​Compulsory courses, 6 ECTS
Specialisation courses, 36 ECTS
Optional courses, 18 ECTS
Advanced studies, 60 ECTS
= 120 ECTS