Student's Experiences

What grade would you give to different components of each course?

Grade average is based on the questionnaire for current LIS students.

(Grading system: 0-5, where 0 = fail, 1= sufficient, 2 = satisfactory, 3 = good, 4 = very good 5 = excellent)

Few examples

Foundations of International and European Intellectual Property Law, 6 ECTS

Course material Grade 4,75
Teacher(s) Grade 4,75
Usefulness Grade 5
"It is interesting that the course was conducted by several teaches who are able to present their expertise in their fields. This course gave me comprehensive foundation for my understanding of Intellectual Property Law. The last part of the course completed my basic understanding of technicality and recent development in the IP law."

Information Law in Europe and Beyond: Current Issues and Perspectives, 12 ECTS

Course material  Grade 4,75
Teacher(s)            Grade 4,5
Usefulness          Grade 4,75
"Advance course called "Information Law in Europe and Beyond: Current Issues and Perspectives" gave me a lot of opportunity to exercise my knowledge and analytical ability. The seminar and discussion were very good tools to stimulate my IPR knowledge expression. The seminar paper writing is good exercise to give basis for further legal academic writing. Different approach from different instructor of the course gave me description of how IPR law has been developed internationally."

Comparative European Constitutionalism, 12 ECTS

Course material Grade 4,75
Teacher(s) Grade 4,5
Usefulness Grade 4,75
"One of the best innovative and dynamic course I have participated! The course gave me new knowledge of European Constitutionalism and its impact in every aspect. The seminar and discussion made the course more interactive and gave enough space for me to develop analytical way of thinking, knowledge and skill in every aspect of constitutional law."