Results 2017

Accepted applicants 2017*

Adediran-Lawal Halima-Sadia Omolara

Al Take Narges

Foujdar Ameya

Halonen Eeva

Hauvala Tuomas

Heikkinen Tiia-Helinä

Ikäheimo Niklas

Keränen Tommi

Lagus Julian

Palin Linda

Pyhäranta Laura

Sanabria Rangel Alvaro Augusto

Siivonen Aliisa

Uzer Cengelci Gokcen

In addition six students were accepted but did not give a permission to publish their names in the internet.

* Some of the accepted students are admitted on condition they will provide the Faculty with an officially certified copy of their degree certificate and an official translation of it by 14 July 2017 at 15.00 at the latest. Detailed information in the personal admission offer sent to the applicants.