Learning Agreement and Course Registration
​Nettiopsu is a virtual study register service for the staff and the students at the University of Turku.

Learning Agreement

Exchange students must fill in an ECTS Learning Agreement form (the study plan) to notify the institutions of the courses they wish to take at Turku Law School. The study plan must be enclosed in the application.

The approval of the learning agreement is always conditional. The study place in the course is confirmed only after registration in Nettiopsu database after arrival. 

Specialision courses (12 ECTS) have a separate registration system and Faculty of Law degree students are always prioritised in the selections. You can receive the study place only by attending the first lecture. Since the there is no guarantee of available study places, we do not accept the 12 ECTS courses in the learnign agreements.

Registering to the Courses

Since the Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku are two different universities, they also have separate student registers. Students need to have separate student numbers for both universities, in case they plan to take courses from both curricula. Students get a student number from the Student Office of the university in question.

Åbo Akademi exchange students studying at University if Turku

Here can be found the registration instructions for the Åbo Akademi University exchange students who wish to take courses from the curriculum of the University of Turku. Please remember that exchange students of both universities have to register with the university first and then do the course registration for all the courses they wish to take.

University of Turku exchange students studying at Åbo Akademi

Information for University of Turku exchange students who want to study at Åbo Akademi can be found on the International Office´s webpages and also on Åbo Akademi webpages for exchage students.

How to register to the courses organised by University of Turku

Detailed information will be provided to you after arrival in the Faculty of Law´s intranet pages for studying and during orientation days. Please note, that due to the registration process it is very important to arrive timely to Turku, latest at the time of orientation days.  

Please find the orientating information on the registration process:

Students register for the TLS courses organised by the University of Turku in Nettiopsu ( In order to have access to Nettiopsu, students must first register with the University in order to get a student number. Then a student must get an UTU user account and password from the IT Services. For more information, please visit the website of IT Servicesof the University of Turku.

Remember always to read the Curricula Guide and Teaching Schedule carefully in order to find out the correct information on course specific requirements and registration schedules. Some courses may have separate application procedures and application deadlines. These procedures and deadlines are always announced in the detailed curriculum of the respective course.

NB! Attendance at the first lecture is necessary in order to confirm the registration.

At the University of Turku, in study modules with remark "restricted entry" or “limited entry”, 1/3 of the places is reserved for the degree students of the Faculty of Law. For the remaining places, the following criteria will be used to select the participants:
1. exchange students of the TLS cooperative institutions
2. degree students of the TLS cooperative institutions
3. other law students
4. non-law students