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Information Resources and Tools for Research (2 ECTS)

General description

Information Resources and Tools for Research course is designed for doctoral candidates from all faculties who want to learn to use both the printed and the electronic information resources more effectively, manage their references with ease and have a basic knowledge of scientific publishing.


At the end of the course the participants should be able to create effective search strings and manage the results with ease. They should have an understanding of the basic elements of scientific publishing (open science, publishing ethics, impact). After the course the participants are familiar with some of the tools, resources and services they have in their use when doing their research in University of Turku.

Programme Autumn 2017

In Autumn 2017 we will arrange an English web course. The web course opens on 16.10. and the deadline for the last assignment is on 7.12. Registration via NettiOpsu opens on 31.8.and ends on 1.10.2017. NB! Only max 20 participants / subject specific group; groups will be filled in the order of registration!

Voluntary sessions 2.11. and 22.11.2017

In addition there will be two voluntary session for those who want face-to-face guidance or hands-on practice. The voluntary sessions will be arranged in the computer class Sammio (TEU ATK103), Teutori (Lemminkäisenkatu 3, Turku) on 2.11. and 22.11. During these sessions we will go through exercises, course material or anything you may find problematic. On the first session we will focus on the search strings and different databases, on the second on reference management, open science and publications.


Only those students who have got the right to study for a doctoral degree are admitted to this course. Furthermore, because the course will be administered via Moodle, participants should have at least basic skills in using the Moodle learning environment. An utu-account is a must.  After the registration is closed  participants will receive a welcome letter with further instructions.


In order to get 2 credit (= 2 ECTS, 2 op) the participants need to have all the assignments done and accepted. The assignments and the course will be evaluated either “pass” or “fail”. 

Group division

The participants will be divided into groups according to their subject specialty. The group will take place if it gets five registrations minimum. NB! The maximum amount of participants per group is 20. It is not possible to choose another group than your own subject, because the teachers, databases etc. of the groups will also be subject specific.

Further information

See course description also in the Study Guide:

If you need any further information, please, do not hesitate to contact Chief Information Specialist Leena Järveläinen (