Universal Borrowing (the loans from National Repository Library)

Making a UB request

  • Making a UB request begins by entering the Volter database on the library front page. Click the Other databases -button from the upper menu of the search page.
  • You can choose National Repository Library or both databases for a simultaneous search. Click, select.
  • You have now entered the database of National Repository Library (or both databases) as you can see above the search form.
  • Now, make a search and choose Record view. The status of the book must be “Not charged”.

Att.! You can’t make reservations through UB service.

  • If the book can be borrowed through the UB service, there is a link “make a storage request to National Repository Library” on the record view. Click the link and you can make the request.
  • Give your library card number, your pin code and your surname and press the login -button.
  • After you have logged in you can see the information on the requested book. Check the information and click the “submit request” -button. You have now made the request.
  • On the screen there is now a text telling you if the request was successful or an error message if it was not made correctly. If there is an error, please, contact the interlibrary services of the Feeniks Library or tel. +358 50 431 0924, +358 29 450 3721
  • A UB request costs you 4,50 € per book.
  • You can follow the state of your UB loans through the Volter database My account.
  • The UB loans are last on the list after your other loans.
  • You can renew the UB loans 10 times if there are no reservations.

What if the loans cannot be renewed

  • After two weeks since the due date, you will receive a reminder.
  • For the time being overdue fees are not collected for UB loans
Books from National Repository Library