Interlibrary Services
Interlibrary services  for the University of Turku customers
  • You can leave your request on a form, by email or on the spot by filling in the request form. 
  •  The interlibrary loan request is binding. When the request has been made, the customer must pay the costs of ordering the item even if it is not collected. It is possible to renew the loan if there are no reservations.
  • Interlibrary loans and copies are not sent directly to the customer, but your local library will always function as an intermediary.
  • The interlibrary service fees can be found on the price list .

Interlibrary services instructions for libraries

  •  Requests can be made by email or on the form.

Restrictions on interlibrary loans ordered from the University of Turku Library 

  • The loans can be renewed up to 10 times.
  •  Publications of the Fennica collection sent for interlibrary loan can only be used in a reading room. Also some of the publications in the discipline specific libraries can only be used in a reading room.
  • Course books are sent as interlibrary loans only for the students of the University of Turku.
  • Theses (master’s theses etc.) sent as interlibrary loans are for reading room use only. Copies of electronic material can be sent if the licence conditions allow it.
  • We do not supply  theses (master’s theses etc.) abroad.
  •  Lending periodicals: the Fennica collection lends periodicals for reading room use depending on their condition and the date of publication. In the Genera collection, periodicals older than one year can only be borrowed for reading room use. Magazines (Hymy, Suosikki etc.) are given out for interlibrary loan only in exceptional cases at the library’s discretion for scholarly research.
  • We don't lend newspapers







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