Pricelist of services

Cash payment is not available in Turku university libray with the exception of Teacher Education Library in Rauma and Pori Science Library. You can read more about payment options with overdue fees here.

Customer service 

Item available notice by mail free of charge
Book or article copy ordered from a remote unit (Rauma, Pori) see Interlibrary services
Overdue fee (not course books; see below) 2€ / book, book trolley/locker
​- does not apply to University of Turku personnel
Suspension Fee (Lost Item Processing Fee = LIPF)* 5€ / book, book trolley/locker
​- LIPF follows on loans which are 28 days overdue or overnight and weekend loans which are 14 days overdue
​- LIPF applies also to University of Turku personnel
Fee for lost book trolley/locker key 10€
Fee for lost researcher room key 80€
Fees for course books
​- apply also to University of Turku personnel
​- overdue fee for course books (covers LIPF fee)

1€ / day / book
10 € maximum

​- fee for overnight and weekend loans (covers LIPF fee) 20€ / book

​- fee for short loans per day

10€ / day / book
(50 € maximum)
Minimum fee for replacement of lost or damaged publication 
Customer can also acquire a similar copy to replace the lost or damaged item.
Laptops and tablets:
​- overdue fee ​20€
​- fee for missing charger ​50€
​- fee for broken display ​250€
​- fee for lost or broken device ​500€
Invoicing fee 10€
New library card to replace a missing one 5€
Plastic bag 0,20€
​Ear plugs ​0,50€
* LIPF fee and suspension of borrowing rights follow on the case
  • customer has fees 10 € minimum
  • loan is overdue 28 days
  • overnight- or weekend loan is overdue 14 days
  • overnight- or weekend loan from course book library is overdue
  • book trolley/locker key loan is overdue 28 days 

Information services 

Library provides customers a wide range of freely available online materials to support their independent information seeking: The University of Turku students and personnel are also entitled to participate in training sessions offered by the library. For more information, please visit library’s website (

All library customers will receive guidance free of charge at the customer service of the libraries. The University of Turku personnel and students will be offered free personal guidance if allowed by library staff’s work schedule and if no other appropriate training is available.


Information retrieval guidance

Information retrieval guidance Especially demanding guidance or guidance in a foreign language
​University of Turku students and personnel free free
​Customers outside University of Turku 70€ / hour 90€ / hour
Other fees including online teaching fees will be agreed on separately.

Metrics and Evaluation Services 

Library offers metrics services free of charge for the central management of the University of Turku and if allowed by work schedules to the faculties, to the other units of the university and to single researchers for funding applications (excluding grants).
Personal guidance is offered for the university staff and students only if there are no other training alternatives available.

Library will negotiate with the customer the feasibility, scope, schedule and price of the analyses. Depending on the extent of the analysis, the library requires at least seven working days for delivery.
University of Turku personnel and students,
€, alv 0%

Basic citation analysis for an individual researcher with less than 100 publications.
(Analysis covers citations counts for a researcher’s publications and an h-index derived from one database; a comprehensive publication list in electronic format required by the library)

More extensive citation analyses, self-citation removal or analyses based on several databases (price / number of hours will be agreed on separately)




60€ /hour*

Personal guidance (by appointment only)

- ½ hour
- more than ½ hour (minimum charge 60€)

free of charge

60€* /hour*

*All invoices under 100€ are subject to a billing fee of 15€ (alv 0%)

Copies and printouts 

​Paper copies A4/A3 ​0,15€ / page
​Printouts A4/A3 ​0,15€ / page
​Colour printouts A4/A3 ​0,50€ / page
 * Douple-sided copy/print is 2 pages

Credits for printing and copying is found in UTUShop 


The publications of the Annales Universitatis Turkuensis -series is found in UTUshop.

Library premises 

The use of the Library premises may be charged according to the rental level of the University of Turku.

Interlibrary services 

​Interlibrary services for Turku University customers University of Turku students, staff, departments and cash customers ​Other customers (invoiced)
Loans from the National Repository Library 4,5€ ​9€
Loans from Finland 9€ ​18€
Loans from a remote unit
(Rauma, Pori)
2€ as from Finland
Loans from Nordic Countries 10€ ​20€
Loans from other countries 20€ ​40€
Microfiches 4€ ​8€
Microfilms / consignment 9€ ​18€
Paper copies from Finland 6€ ​12€
Paper copies from abroad
1-30 pages, next pages 5 euros / 10 pages
12 € ​24€
Interlibrary services for other libraries and facilities ​Public institutions ​Commercial enterprises, corporations ​Other Countries
​Loans ​9€ ​18€ ​18€
Microfiches​ ​4€​ ​8€​ 9€​
Microfilms/consignment 9€ 18€ 18€
​Paper copies from our collections 1-30 pages, next pages 5 euros / 10 pages ​6€ 1-30 pages 12€, next  10 pages 5€ 1-30 pages 18€,  next 10 pages 5€​
Urgent orders: pricelist fee is doubled ​ ​ ​
​Based on the Rector’s decision the University of Turku has introduced an invoice fee of 15€ (alv 0%) for small sales. The amount of the additional fee depends on the expences caused by invoicing and it will be revised annually. The small invoice fee is added to invoices under 100 e (without taxes). The interlibrary services of the Turku University Library invoices customers biannually/annually.

Minimum fee for replacement of lost or damaged publication is at least 100 euros depending on the value of the item. Customer can also acquire a similar copy to replace the lost or damaged item. 
Urgent orders, orders by phone and otherwise exceptional orders must always be agreed on separately with the personnel of the interlibrary services.
After negotiating with the client Turku University Library reserves a right to charge the customer expenses considerably exceeding the ones mentioned in the price list.
Interlibrary loans which are not fetched are charged according to the price list.
Prices are based on the decree concerning payments charged for the university services given by the Ministry of Education (not translated; only available in Finnish).



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