Reservation of group work rooms or library’s terminals/devices

​Making a reservation through Outlook (2013)

This guide instructs you how to make reservations in OutlookWebApp (2013 version), i.e. in the web version of Outlook (

1. Start by opening the Webmail calendar
2. From the upper left corner, choose "New event". You can also choose time and name for your reservation.

3. You should search for rooms or devices by adding them as attendees. The "Add room"-function will only show some of the rooms and devices you can reserve, meaning those which have not yet been reserved. You can add attendees from the +-sign on the right hand side.


4. Add the attendees and press "OK" to return to the previous menu. You can see different room options with the arrows on the left (>>). You can also find a list of rooms and devices at the end of this guide.


5. After this, choose "Scheduling assistant" to see what rooms are available. Scheduling assistant doen't work for equipment, only rooms.

6. Now you can see the status of the rooms you have chosen. You can still change the time of your reservation and after you find a suitable slot, remove rooms you do not need from the attendees and press "OK" to return to previous menu.

7. Remove extra attendees if you did not do this before and press "Send" to make a reservation.

8. You will get a notification to your email for your reservation. Remember to also read the notification.

9. You can cancel your reservation by right-clicking on it on your calendar.

Below is a list of rooms and devices available in Turku university library.
CAL 1003 (Kirjasto, Ponsi)
CAL 1066 (Kirjasto, Mietintö)
CAL 1079 (Kirjasto, Pykälä)
CAL 1080 (Kirjasto, Artikla)
EDU KH174 (kirjasto, ryhmätyöhuone 1)
EDU KH174 (kirjasto, ryhmätyöhuone 2)
EDU KH174 (kirjasto, ryhmätyöhuone 3)
EDU KH174 (kirjasto, ryhmätyöhuone 4)
EDU KH174 (kirjasto, ryhmätyöhuone 5)
EDU KH174 (kirjasto, ryhmätyöhuone 6)
EDU KH174 (kirjasto, ryhmätyöhuone 7)
EDU KH174 (kirjasto, ryhmätyöhuone 8)
EDU KH253 (staff only)
EDU KH272 (staff only)
FEE KH122 (Kirjasto, Koskenniemi) (staff only)
FEE KH310 (Kirjasto, Rantakari)
FEE KH311 (Kirjasto, Laurikkala)
FEE KH312 (Kirjasto, Kaila)
FEE kirjasto skannerikone (laite)
FEE mikrofilmilukulaite 1 (vanha) (laite)
FEE mikrofilmilukulaite 2 (uusi) (laite)
FEE verkkoarkisto- ja Kavi-arkistopääte (laite)
TEU KH0502 (Kirjasto, Kaari)
TEU KH0508 (Kirjasto, Parkki)
TEU KH1009 (Kirjasto, Vanha hissi)
TEU Valvomo (Kavi-arkistopääte) (laite)
TEU Valvomo (Vera-verkkoarkistopääte) (laite)

Please do not reserve rooms 203 tai 303 in Teutori.

This guide instructs you how to make reservations in OutlookWebApp (2010 version), i.e. in the web version of Outlook (
1. Click new meeting request.

2. Select the time and date and fill in a possible subject for your meeting.
aikaja aihe.jpg 
3. Click resources.
4. Click rooms
- You can browse all rooms alphabetically or write, for example, Edu on the search box.
- If you are reserving a device, for example a Kavi-terminal, expand the list and choose "all equipment".
5. Select the amount of rooms you need by double clicking (for example in Educarium group work rooms 1-8) ja click OK.
 6. Click scheduling assistant, which shows you the possible times available.
7. Remove the cross from in front of the other rooms than the one you have selected.
8. You will receive an email confirmation about your reservation.
9. If you want to cancel your reservation, you can do so by double clicking the reservation on your calendar. After that, click the Cancel meeting icon resembling the table on the picture below. Finally click the Send icon on the left top corner.
Further information on the reservation of the premises on the intranet pages of the IT Services (only with utu user-id).

Making a reservation without utu-user ID

If you don’t have a utu-user ID, you can reserve group work premises and library’s devices by contacting the customer services of the library in question.

Study areas and devices in the libraries

Here you can find a list of rooms and devices available in Turku University Library.